Natural Insemination is a romantic farce about a young couple and the increasingly desperate measures they take to get pregnant.


David and Heather are trying to get pregnant when they find out that David is sterile. When their neighbor Johan, a proud father of two, offers to be their sperm donor, it sets off a chain reaction of hilariously desperate measures, through which Heather and David discover just how much strain their marriage can take, and how far they’re willing to go to start a family.

Directors Statement

It all really started five years ago when a friend showed me an article about a couple trying to have a baby. The couple, after finding out that the husband was sterile, employed their neighbor as a sperm donor. The idea of this ordinary, otherwise rational couple going absolutely crazy in their attempt to conceive a child really stuck with me. What drove them so insane as to pay their neighbor for his sperm (and other services) when there are so many other options available to them?

I did some digging; I looked into various ways to try and get pregnant, including in vitro fertilization (IVF). It seems like an obvious choice, except for the fact that every attempt costs five-thousand dollars and only has a one in four chance of working. There’s also the fact that your sperm donor is anonymous. It’s the donor’s right (and an important one), but it means that couples can’t ever be sure of the authenticity or quality of the genetic material they’re creating new life from. I trust strangers with fixing my car and doing my taxes, but impregnating my partner?

That was when I started to dabble with the first draft of Natural Insemination. Through that process, I looked at how other movies dealt with this topic and I found it ridiculous. There were scenes with turkey basters, cups of sperm, sperm parties to celebrate insemination… And not to be that guy, but sperm dies quickly once out of the body, you don’t leave a cup of it on the sink for four hours. And liquid dribbles out of turkey basters, it doesn’t fire like a rocket toward an egg. If you really want to get pregnant through artificial means, you better put the semen in a syringe and get to work.

All of these inaccuracies were attempts by the filmmakers to inject humor into the process, but my thought was, why not just tackle it honestly? The truth is much funnier. The physical process of getting pregnant is such a farce filled with awkward moments, messy liquids, ridiculous sexual adventures, and so much failure. This farce mixed with all the emotions tied to sex and pregnancy, well, I thought it would make for a really interesting and funny film.

I hope you enjoy it – Thanks much,

Crosby Selander